20 years SCW

2019 marks the 20th anniversary of Save Cambodia’s Wildlife (SCW). Since our first steps in 1999 to set up a wildlife rescue center,
we have been working hard to conserve nature and improve lives.

All of you continue to play a crucial role in making our dreams become a reality.

Key Achievements

  • Contribution to the conservation of more than 760,000 hectares of forest and wildlife habitat
  • Training of over 100,000 beneficiaries + authorities on sustainable NRM and many other topics
  • Establishment of 13 Community Protected Areas (CPAs) + 14 Community Fisheries (CFis)
  • Establishment of more than 800 Saving Groups, 60 Eco-Clubs + hosting more than 40 Youth Debates
  • Implementation of more than 15 projects in 8 Cambodian provinces
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Way forward…
To continue our efforts of the past 20 years, SCW is excited to launch 2 new programs, to engage society and empower youth