3 CPA agreements signed

On 4 July 2018 the official agreement between the Ministry of Environment (MoE) and 3 Community Protected Areas (CPAs) was signed.

CPA O’Koki issuported by SCW, through PEMII project with partner Oxfam, managed by Mr. SE Sou. The CPAs Veal Kamboa and O’Ry are supported by BirdLife International.

The event took place in Veal Kamboa (Ratanakiri), and was presided over by H.E. Mr. SOEM Yaren, Undersecretary of State from the MoE, H.E. Mr. LUN So Pheap, Deputy Governor of Ratanakiri, and H.E. OEUNG Sari, Advisory Board of Ratanakiri province.

Mr. CHAN Vicheth, SCW Program Manager, presented SCW’s achievements in Ratanakiri since 2010 and praised the CPAs for their commitment to conserve and protect their natural resources. “This formal agreement with the MoE is a great achievement. Now it is up to the CPAs to apply their By-Laws, sustainable NRM and reduce illegal activities, for example through patrolling”, he added.

In relation to the 15 year agreement between MoE and the communities, H.E. Mr. SOEM Yaren stressed that now the CPAs have autonomy to manage their CPAs according to terms and conditions of the agreement and their By-Laws. He added that to effectively manage their natural resources, CPA members shall request support from relevant partners, such as rangers, Department of Environment (DoE) and local authorities.

As a next step, SCW will support CPA O’Koki to finalize their Management Plan and submit it to the MoE by the end of this year 2018.