Work Approach & Principals

All our projects follow these 4 principals

  • Empowerment Approach: By increasing the knowledge and skills of indigenous peoples and local authorities, SCW enables them to better carry out and manage their rights, roles and responsibilities.
  • Community-Based Approach: By including local communities in every step of the process, the action will benefit from their knowledge and experience, while ownership is encouraged and their capacity strengthened.
  • Rights Based Approach: Based on the UN’s human rights declaration and the Sustainable Development Goals, all actions shall respect, protect and fulfill the rights of all citizens, advocate for them and educate them about their rights. Examples for models are FPIC – Free Prior & Informed Consent and EMM – Extra-Judicial Mediation Measures.
  • Integrated Approach: All activities shall complement each other whenever possible, in order to ensure efficiency and synergy effects.

Professionalism – PMRE

  • Planning: At the beginning of every project, baseline surveys are conducted to assess the situation at the target site. These surveys are used to determine how activities will be carried out, which knowledge to disseminate and to measure progress.
  • Monitoring: Throughout the project duration, meetings are conducted regularly together with involved stakeholders. The main objective is to update each other and to identify and solve any changes and challenges that might occur.
  • Reporting: Interim and final reports are written for internal evaluation as well as for donors.
  • Evaluation: At the end of each project, SCW conducts a final evaluation of overall goals and accomplishments as well as lessons learned.


  • Theory of Change: through empowerment and ownership of rights, roles and responsibilities, SCW is facilitating a community initiated paradigm shift. Read more

Internal Capacity Building

  • In-house trainings, sharing best practice knowledge
  • Trainings with external experts
  • Further education for staff, e.g. English classes

Financial Responsibility and Transparency

  • Annual audits
  • 4-eye principal