Strategy 2017-2021

SCW’s Strategic Direction 2017 – 2021 focuses on increased community ownership, so they can ultimately secure their livelihoods independently and protect their environment sustainably; SCW becomes self-sufficient, driven by Social Entrepreneurship.

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Sustainable Natural Resource Management (NRM)

  • Using a Rights-Based Approach to empower communities to exercise their NRM-related rights
  • Community Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) actions are sustainable

Climate Change Action

  • Mainstream climate change adaptation activities to SCW’s program activities, capacity-building and awareness-raising among stakeholders, as well as (self-)replication of successful measures

Environmental Education

  • Raise environmental awareness and mainstream natural resource conservation among stakeholders through trainings and IEC materials, and promote the idea of “green society” by highlighting its benefits

Integrated Alternative Livelihoods

  • Promote and facilitate alternative livelihood options, increase local ownership and encourage replication, in order to improve the living conditions of local communities and take the pressure off of natural resources

Social Entrepreneurship

  • Enable Social Entrepreneurship: Define a strategy for effective use of Social Enterprise products and services: Eco-Tourism, local products and book sales
  • Promote SCW’s service as consultant for environmental education, NRM, project monitoring and evaluation through trainings and information material
  • Establish and promote a “Green Youth Development Program” – career development for young professionals, by providing training and coaching on relevant topics
  • Develop and implement a SCW Membership Program, to increase participation and ownership of relevant stakeholders, mainly civil society, in environmental protection.