Who we are & History

Save Cambodia‘s Wildlife (SCW) is a leading national not-for-profit, non-partisan NGO, which works for the protection and conservation of natural resources and wildlife habitats throughout Cambodia. SCW aims at raising awareness on climate change, wildlife protection and environmental issues in general both locally and internationally.

Conservation through Education
SCW focuses on education as means of empowerment and change, using book publications, teaching programs and awareness campaigns to reach all levels of society. SCW encourages and facilitates networking between indigenous communities and local authorities to achieve nature conservation and biodiversity preservation.

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The Cambodia national animal is the Kouprey. It is a very strong kind of ox with spectacular crescent-shaped horns and a dewlap under its chin. SCW strives to protect Cambodia wildlife habitat and Cambodia natural resources for this beautiful animal and all other wild animals in Cambodia. In addition, indigenous peoples across Cambodia – Cambodia tribes – benefit from the protection of Cambodia’s natural resources, which includes forests, waters, wild fruits and vegetables and wildlife.


Our story begins in 1999, when Ms. Kit WHITNEY, a US-American teacher, started a Wildlife Rescue Initiative. SCW was officially registered with the Ministry of Interior on 29 July 2002 (Registration No. 728). In the first years, SCW’s work focused on training animal keeps and educating society on environmental awareness, collaborating with Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center and Kampot Zoo. From May 2002 until June 2006, Ms. Lim SOLINN lead SCW as Director, focusing on book publications and further teaching projects.

In July 2006, Mr. TEP Boonny was appointed Executive Director, guiding SCW to continuously adapting and improving its’ operation towards effective and beneficiary work. He initiated the acquisition of international donors and partners, making SCW the strongly networked partner and internationally recognized NGO it is today – one of the leading national NGOs in the environmental sector in Cambodia.

By initiating the Youth Debates in 2002 and milestone publications like the Atlas of Cambodia in 2014, SCW has become an essential actor for change and main driver to help shape Cambodia’s environmental future.




  • By-laws and policies, management structures and tools are in place
  • Excellent long-term expertise in Natural Resource Management
  • Outstanding image among partners/donors
  • Exceptional staff dedication and motivation


  • Setting structures for the next 10 years & positioning SCW in Cambodia and in the ASEAN context -> SCW benefits from excellent networks and cooperation with donors, partners and line ministries to mitigate this challenge
  • Sustainable funding by improving diversified and independent funding sources -> SCW has integrated Social Entrepreneurship as individual pillar in the strategic direction 2017-2021