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Climate Change (DVD)
Discover how climate change effects the livelihood of Cambodian rural communities whose lives depend vastly on natural resources, what their concerns are and how they are dealing with it.

Language: English, Khmer
Produced 2020 in cooperation with Welthungerhilfe and BMZ

Our Tribes – Our Heritage (DVD)
Discover the heritage of the Brao, Kavet, Kreung and Khmer-Lao, whose individual customs and practices are slowly disappearing. Learn about the threats they face and their livelihoods, customs and religious beliefs; as well as the importance of the forest and natural resources to them. Discover animism, traditional handicrafts, beauty ideals and rural village life.

Price: 7.- USD
Language: English, Khmer
Produced 2017 in cooperation with Welthungerhilfe and BMZ

 Our Forest – Our Future (DVD)
Residents in rural areas mainly rely on natural resources for their livelihood. It is continuously diminished through deforestation, illegal logging and climate change, forcing local people to stand up for themselves. Learn how the dedicated environmentalists of Save Cambodia’s Wildlife empower rural communities to support their actions.

Price: 7.- USD
Language: English, Khmer, German

Produced 2016 in cooperation with Welthungerhilfe and The EU

Climate Change, Forestry, Biodiversity (DVD)
Teacher Ms. Sreymom talks about below topics, supported with detailed animated illustrations.

  • Climate Change: impacts and mitigation measures
  • Forestry: resources and ecosystem impact
  • Biodiversity: meaning, food changes and protection

Price: 7.- USD
Language: Khmer
Produced 2013 in cooperation with Welthungerhilfe and The EU, supported by Forum Szd, GIZ, The Asia Foundation and Oxfam

Sounds of The Jungle (CD)
Listen to this unique sound experience and enjoy the beauty of authentic Cambodian forest sounds. Relax to the singing of birds, chirping of crickets and the calming sound of flowing water. These amazing wildlife sounds were recorded deep in the forests of Virachey National Park, Tompor Mountain and Phnom Samkos Wildlife Sanctuary.

Price: 6.50 USD
Language: animal sounds
Produced 2010 in cooperation with The EU and Welthungerhilfe, supported by the Cambodian Ministry of Environment