Networks & Memberships

SUN CSA Cambodia: Scaling Up Nutrition Civil Society Alliance Cambodia

  • Goal: To create an effective, strong, vibrant and well-coordinated Civil Society Alliance that promotes sustainable improvement in the nutritional status of the Cambodian people.
  • About: 22 members, established in 2015
  • SCW is member since July 2018

RNN: Ratanakiri NGO Network

  • Goal: RNN strives to (i) support local communities and (ii) strengthen Civil Society
  • About: established in 2007 by provincial NGOs; currently 30 members; sectors education / health / Natural Resource Management (NRM). SCW belongs to the NRM sector
  • SCW is member since 2016

NCFPCC: National Community Forestry Programme Coordination Committee

  • Goal: to function as an intermediary between forest communities, project implementer and the government
  • About: initiated in 2005 as part of REDD programme by UN (reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation)
  • SCW is member since 2013

CCCN: Cambodia Climate Change Network

  • Goal: improve local community’s understanding of global climate change through (i) capacity building of its’ members, (ii) research studies and (iii) advocacy and policy influence
  • About: 40 members, established in 2009, co-founded by SCW
  • Chairman: Mr. TEP Boonny, July 2011 – present
  • SCW is member since July 2009

NECA: NGO’s Environment Climate Change Alliance

  • Goal: influence environment and climate change adaptation strategies and policies, which are gender responsive to benefit the poor and vulnerable people in Cambodia
  • About: 38 members, founded in 1995 as part of the NGO Forum Cambodia
  • SCW is member since January 2006