What is the core work of SCW?

SCW’s main pillars of work are (i) Education & Community Mobilization, (ii) Integrated Alternative Livelihoods, (iii) sustainable Natural Resource Management, (iv) Climate Change Action and (v) Social Entrepreneurship; in order to fight Cambodia’s main environmental challenges, which are deforestation, illegal logging, poaching and destruction of wildlife habitats as well as climate change.

How does SCW ensure transparency and quality?

SCW is GPP certified. Transparency and accountability are not only our core values, but also an integral part for our work. SCW undergoes internal and external audits, publishes annual reports including financial overviews and is led by the Executive Board, which holds the duty of due care, the duty of loyalty as well as the duty of obedience. If you have any concerns or further questions, please email our Executive Director at boonny@cambodiaswildlife.org


How can I contribute to a greener society?

  • Avoid trash: use canvas bags instead of plastic, reusable containers e.g. for lunch, throw trash in trash cans instead of on the street or in the forest
  • Recycle: separate trash – paper, plastic bottles, glass bottles, aluminum cans, food
  • Re-use: take bags with you to market, use back side of printing paper, use old jars for storage
  • At home: turn off lights and water when not needed, eat more vegetables, use fan instead of AC
  • Donate or Volunteer

Do you accept interns and volunteers?

SCW regularly provides spots for internships and volunteer positions. The minimum stay is 6 months. Applicants should be enrolled in a secondary educational institution.
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I am writing my Master thesis. Can SCW support my research?

SCW generally supports research related to environmental and wildlife habitat protection as well as biodiversity conservation. SCW regularly cooperates with Master thesis applicants and we can provide the infrastructure and basic support of your research including relevant contacts to rights holders and duty bearers. At the same time, the initiative must be yours and you will be responsible for the arrangements of your research. To apply, please contact our Program Manager at vicheth@cambodiaswildlife.org


What happens with financial my donation to SCW?

SCW supports local communities through their community funds. Please refer to our Annual Reports for details. For any further questions, please contact our Executive Director at boonny@cambodiaswildlife.org

Does SCW accept donations like clothing, toys or blankets?

Even though this is not a core part of SCW’s work, we occasionally accept these types of donations. We have the link and infrastructure to villages in remote areas, where these donations are needed and highly appreciated. If you have such a donation, please contact us at ngim@cambodiaswildlife.org