Book Library

Our SCW book library gives you the opportunity to inform yourself about environmental and development issues. You can borrow books from the following categories: Animals, Biology, Climate, Education, Energy, Environment, Forestry, Geography, Society and Sustainable Development. These books enable you to actively participate in debates and discussions on these topics!

We currently have 2 libraries with a total of more than 150 books. Please visit our offices to read or borrow them.

SCW Office Phnom Penh
* List of 113 available books
* # 6Eh, St. 570, Tuol Kork
* Contact: Mr. SAY Ngim

Phone: +855 (0)12 65 47 44
* Email:


SCW Office Kratie
* List of 38 available books
* Rorka Kandal I Village, Krong Kror Cheh District
* Contact: Mr. KHEN Rith
* Phone: +855 (0)97 21 93 684
* Email: