SCW has been hosting Bread for the World’s Weltwärts Volunteers for 5 years. To apply please go to https://www.brot-fuer-die-welt.de/projekte/freiwillige/freiwilligendienst-nord-sued/. Please note that to ensure the best experience for the volunteers at SCW and maximum care of them, we cannot accept any other volunteer applications.

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As a volunteer you will learn about

  • target communities & facilitating trainings / workshops
  • communication with donors and partners
  • report writing
  • designing and disseminating education / information material
  • intercultural exchange

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Minimum stay is 6 months, ideally you are a student in a related field, e.g. agriculture, forestry, wildlife, development aid.
If you are interested in working with SCW for a greener future, please e-mail vicheth@cambodiaswildlife.org