Testimonials & Success Stories

SCW is proud to share with you these Case Studies:

SCW is proud to share with you these Success Stories:

The following are the impressions from our donors, partners and beneficiaries on SCW’s work:

Picture1 SCW supports our Community Fisheries for the protection of fishery resources and ecosystems in the river. Moreover, they teach us about rights and roles in the communities related to the use of natural resources. We participate in activities such as monthly meetings and patrolling and share our knowledge with other villagers.”

Mr. PEAV Burn (32), Committee of Fishery Community
Taveng Leu commune, Taveng district, Ratanakiri Province

 “I enjoy working with SCW, because of the passion, every staff member shows to increase the livelihoods of indigenous peoples.”

Ms. Claudia ZEHL
Johanniter International Assistance

 “Nowadays, the most important task is environmental protection for future generations. To build a greener future, Cambodia needs empathizers, pioneers, activists, and civil society leaders. SCW’s strong commitment towards conservation through education and increasing community ownership is exciting. It is a great honor for me to support and accompany SCW on their way to be an Agent of Change.”

Mr. Dirk REBER
Welthungerhilfe / German Agro Action

Picture3  “We see SCW as partner. Our joint activities are very important for us, to conserve our livelihood and fishing resources for the future. We strongly believe in a close cooperation between the local authorities and our community, which is facilitated by SCW. It is essential for a sustainable management of our natural resources and to improve our lives.”

Mr. RACH Saeng (50), Commune Council Chief of Taveng Leu
Taveng district, Ratanakiri province

“SCW helped to set up 7 Community Protected Areas around Virachey National Park and Lumphat Wildlife Sanctuary, as well as 14 Community Fisheries. With this, SCW is supporting local communities, as well as with increasing local people’s capacity on sustainable natural resource management, for example how to patrol and report illegal activities. I am very happy to coordinate these processes between SCW, the communities and the local authorities.”

Mr. THUN Sovanny, SCW Counterpart
Department of Environment in Ratanakiri

“It is crucially important to have institutions like Save Cambodia’s Wildlife with a mission and strong commitment to protect the natural resources and environment, and to contribute to sustain the resources by acting as a leader, connector and a catalyst of change.”

Ms. PHEAN Sophoan, Project Manager
Oxfam Cambodia

“As funding partner, ForumSyd highly appreciates SCW’s hard work and dedication for sustainable natural resources management. SCW’s efforts have contributed greatly to the improvement of livelihood of Cambodians, especially ethnic minority people in the North-East provinces. Local communities have increased their knowledge on and gained ownership over sustainable management and conservation of natural resources.”

Ms. TEP Chanbora, Program Manager
Forum Syd

 “SCW enables us to take ownership and earn a sustainable livelihood in harmony with the traditional lifestyle of our indigenous group. Preventing and reporting crimes like illegal logging and poaching is essential to protect our natural resources. SCW empowers us to do so and to collaborate closely with the local authorities.”

Mr. RETH Thou (36), Chairman of CPA O’Kampha
Taveng district, Ratanakiri province

 “I am delighted and happy to work with SCW, who created the Community Protected Area O’Koki to conserve natural resources and biodiversity for the future. Additionally, SCW provides trainings on home gardening, non-timber forest products, Saving for Change and more. We share our new knowledge with other community members to preserve the forest.”

Ms. BUN Cheng (32), Committee of O’Koki CPA
Sre Angkrong commune, Ratanakiri Province

 “All the project activities of SCW help the people in the region. For example, there are less wildlife crimes and the collaboration between local authorities and communities has improved. SCW helps us to create sustainable livelihoods.”

Mr. SOM Thun (64)
Village Chief of Chey Oudom, Lumphat District, Ratankiri Province

test-2  “After SCW introduced and helped us to establish Saving for Change, we generally felt strengthened. We are reminded that we have a voice and to use it. So, we experience less violence and participate more actively in the community. Thanks to Saving for Change we are more united and more organized than before. We can borrow money and manage our own budget.”

Female, 29, Kampot

test-3  “The work of SCW is very useful and improves our lives. For example, SCW supported our patrolling activities with equipment and budget and educated the communities about responsible and sustainable use of natural resources. ”

Mr. EM Sokhun (62), Chairman of Community Fishery Committee
Chey Utdom Commune, Lumphat District, Ratanakiri Province