Community Based Responsible Tourism
SCW established an Eco-Tourism site in the Community Protected Area (CPA) of Mondul Yorn in Ratanakiri province. The Community-Based approach ensures an alternative source of income instead of poaching or illegal logging in protected areas. Furthermore, cultural exchange between the community and tourists raises awareness on local issues and encourages personal growth.Experience the real rural Cambodia life, off the beaten tourist path!

  • 2 days & 1 night in the jungle in Ratanakiri (North-East Cambodia)
  • Boat ride, kayaking, fishing, swimming, rice wine & local food tasting, homestay & exploring the forest 
  • From 78 USD
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Mission Statement
Save Cambodia’s Wildlife (SCW) supports tourism that promotes understanding and appreciation of the environment and indigenous cultures. We operate in an economically, socially and culturally responsible manner. We strive to provide a real sustainable experience, so you can help to save Cambodia’s wildlife.

Responsible Tourism Approach
SCW believes in Responsible Tourism, which involves grassroots participation – utilizing tourism to facilitate poverty alleviation. The generated revenue remains in the region, assisting in its social and economic development.

Our guiding principles for environmental, social and economic responsibility:

  • SCW hires local people whenever possible, trains and develops them for grassroots empowerment
  • SCW cooperates with indigenous people in CPAs to offer homestays and cultural exchange
  • SCW follows equitable business practices to pay fair wages to staff and fair prices to suppliers and partners
  • SCW facilitated the setup of various activities in Mondul Yorn, to provide holistic support and ownership for indigenous communities, contributing to food, health and education
  • SCW enables visitors to experience Cambodia in harmony with the natural and cultural environment
  • We recognize that we are not perfect and continually strive to close the gap between principle and practice

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